Natural waxing methods, using Satin Smooth Organic Soy Wax: contains soybeans, honey, chamomile, palm oil and rapeseed oil. All contribute to a soothing application and non-irritating hair removal process. It’s also Paraben and Gluten Free!

To book a waxing appointment please call – 913-543-3600


To book a waxing appointment please call – 913-543-3600

Face Waxing

Service Time Price
Full Face – Includes entire face area  –  Eyebrows, Lips, Chin, Cheeks, Nose and Front of Neck 60 Minutes $60.00
Eyebrow 15 Minutes $17.00
Lip – Upper and lower 15 Minutes $17.00
Lip and Brow –Full Eyebrow and Lip treatments 30 Minutes $32.00
Chin 15 Minutes $17.00
Lip & Chin – Full Lip and Chin treatments 30 Minutes $32.00
Face sides  15 Minutes $25.00
Nose 10 Minutes $12.00


Body Waxing

Service Time Price
Bikini Wax 45 Minutes $35.00 and up
French Bikini – Bikini wax plus the back area 60 Minutes $60.00 and up
Full Leg – Complete waxing of both legs – includes toes 60 Minutes  From $60.00
Half Leg – Waxing of both legs from the knee up or from the knee to ankle 45 Minutes $40.00
Full Arm – Complete waxing of both arms from the shoulder down 45 Minutes $45.00
Half Arm – Waxing of both arms from shoulder to elbow or from elbow to wrist 30 Minutes $30.00
Underarm – Both underarms 15 Minutes $25.00
Back –Bottom of neck to the waist line 45 Minutes $50.00
Shoulder –Both shoulders 15 Minutes $18.00
Chest –Upper torso 45 Minutes $50.00
Stomach – Full – Waxing of complete stomach area – does not include chest 30 Minutes $30.00
Stomach Strip –2”-4” area of belly button to the waist line 15 Minutes $18.00

To book an appointment please call – 913-543-3600 or click the link below (note: you will be taken to a separate booking page outside of this site.)

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